[Comfort Zone] Facials

Luxury Italian skincare for face, body and soul.

[Comfort Zone]

We are excited to introduce you to [ comfort zone ], a professional skin care brand founded in 1996 with a conscious, science-based approach combining performance and sustainability. With a 20-year heritage in the spa industry along with constant innovation, [ comfort zone ] offers result-oriented, clean formulas and spa treatments for face and body. Made in Italy, with competence and care for the people and the planet.

Free from silicones, paragons and animal derivatives, with our unique signature application techniques and massages. Each treatment begins with the Tranquility™ Welcome Ritual, which favours mind-body relaxation and enhances the efficacy of the specific selected treatment.

Skin Perfecting Facials

Lay back and relax with one of our luxury facials. Each one of our facials specialise in different skin types, and outcomes. This is all to help you chose a treatment as unique as you.

DOUBLE HYDRATION – Hydramemory 60/30mins
The ultimate treatment for deep hydration and radiance, ideal for skin stressed by central heating and air conditioning. Our most popular facial for that instant dewy hydrated look. The HydraBrush Massage transports the precious Moringa Oil and Hyaluronic Acid biomimetic fragments deep into the skin.
PURIFICATION – Active Pureness 60/30mins
If your skin is oily, scarred or acne-prone, this is the perfect choice for you! characterised by a mattifying peel-off Spirulina Algae mask, this deep, purifying facial with Mandelic Acid, Green and White Clays rebalances and reinforces pores and the skins defence.
SOOTHING – Remedy 60/30/mins
An innovative, fortifying approach to sensitive delicate skin. With a prebiotic from sugar beets, promoting cutaneous resilience, and Marula Oil , this facial calms skin discomfort, relieves neuroinflammation and reinforces the skins defence.


SUPER PEEL 60/30mins
An intensive peel which can be customised according to the skin condition, from the most delicate to the most resistant, visible reduction of expression lines and wrinkles, and exceptional smoothness.
Unbelievable brightening , this tone-correcting peel will treat any dullness, hyperpigmentation and melasma (brown patches). You will see immediate radiance and glow with a more even complexion and the safe improvement to your dark spots.
PRO-LIFT 60/30mins
With it’s instant firming and lifting action using the natural filler effect from the ingredients and the synergy of the replumping peel off masking kobido techniques to restore fullness and tone…..this facial is a must before any important occasion where you need to look younger and firmer.
This is an age appropriate facial for those peri and menopausal looking to conteract thinning, extreme dryness and loss of density. The exclusive cell support and innovative oil based textures together with luxurious and specific massage techniques will reactivate and redensify your skin.
ADD ON ~Eye Patch – Add on to any facial
This hydrogel peptide mask visibly reduces the signs of time and tiredness, improving tired eyes marked by wrinkles, bags and blue circles.
ADD ON ~Glow Boost – Add on to any facial
A quick boost of AHA’s with a double peel for instant glow and vitality for any skin type.
ADD ON ~Lift Mask – Add on to any facial
The ideal add on for an instant and natural filling and lifting effect. Perfect for combating expression lines and wrinkles and giving skin instant density and volume.
This is a specific, personalised solution to all signs of ageing with immediate long lasting effects without the needle. WEEK 1 is a Hydrating Hydramemory facial WEEK 2 Express sublime skin Super peel WEEK 4 Express sublime Ultra Glow peel WEEK 6 Sublime Pro Lift facial.
( Purchase £200 worth of homecare and ‘the 6 week plan’ is reduced).