Eyeliner & Eye Enhancements

Eyeliner and lashes are back in fashion and making the most of your eyes is in big demand

Permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement helps women and men enhance the appearance of their eyes. It eliminates the need to outline eyelids with liquid liners or pencils and improves the appearance of missing, thin, or light coloured lashes. Permanent eyeliner allows people to swim, shower, or exercise without having makeup smudges.

It provides safety and convenience to people with oily skin, vision problems, or unsteady hands. Eye doctors (Ophthalmologists and Optometrists) also recommend permanent eyeliner to patients who wear contact lenses, have watery eyes, or are allergic to regular makeup.

This area fades slower and the need for a colour boost is approximately 2 years.

Below is an estimated price structure as each case is bespoke.

Eyelash Enhancement
An almost invisible line on the lash line.
Lash Enhancement & Latino Liner
This takes the eyes to another level this is an invisible lash line which creates depth, and after healing a liner on the top lid where you would put a liquid liner. The amount of liner required is discussed throughout the process. Includes 2 visits.
Lash Liner (top only)
Resembling the liquid liner on the top lid only
(for the boys) A lash enhancement on the top and either a thin line on the lash line or dots on the lash line to enhance and enlarge the eyes.