Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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"What are Permanent Cosmetics?"

Permanent cosmetics describe non-surgical procedures that use specialised tattooing methods. Coloured pigments are implanted into the (middle layer) of the skin through microscopic injections with an extremely fine needle or cluster of needles.

This process is also called Micropigmentation, Microdermal Pigmentation, Dermagraphics, Intradermal Cosmetics, Dermal Implantation, or Micropigment Implantation. Permanent Makeup is the term used to describe the cosmetic tattooing of facial features (eyebrows, eyelids, or lips) to improve colour and shape.

"How long do Permanent Cosmetics last?"

The results are considered permanent because the tattooed colour cannot be washed off. However, the colour should be considered “semi-permanent” because some fading will occur over time. Colour retention is affected by different factors including the shade of the original colour, the person’s age and metabolism, skin type and condition, exposure to UV radiation (sun, tanning booths), smoking, certain drugs and medications, and skin peeling treatments such as Retin-A or microdermabrasion and Q10 or antiageing creams. In general, the colour lasts from one to five years and can be enhanced and refreshed by a maintenance visit when needed (usually at a much lower fee than the initial procedure when performed by Transition permanent cosmetics).

"What is the healing period like?"

Immediately following a procedure, there will be mild swelling, redness, or tenderness that lasts a few hours to a few days (eyebrows swell less than eyes and lips). There may also be slight bruising with lip procedures. The colour looks much darker immediately afterward for any procedure. It will lighten a lot within 3 to 7 days and will continue to lighten over several weeks. During the first week the healing balm must be applied to the tattooed area for protection and to minimise discomfort. Most people are amazed at how “normal” they look immediately after and do not feel it is necessary to take time off of work.

"Is Cosmetic Tattooing expensive?"

Permanent cosmetics are affordable for most people, and the long term benefits make procedures fairly inexpensive. Other non-surgical procedures like Botox or fillers cost the same or more. But they may last for only three to twelve months while cosmetic tattooing lasts for years. The savings from not having to buy regular makeup products that are applied every day adds up quickly. Also, the convenience and time saved from not applying makeup every day are worth a lot, and the self-esteem that is restored by cosmetic tattooing is priceless

"How long does each procedure take?"

Many important steps are followed when a procedure is done correctly. A well-trained and experienced permanent cosmetics specialist will take a minimum of 1 1/2 hours or more for an initial appointment. It should include a consultation (if not done before) and a review of the person’s medical history. Time is then used for determining the best design, colour selection, numbing, the actual procedure, photos, after care instructions, and answering all questions. Follow-up visits usually require less time. For scar camouflage work, spot testing for colour accuracy must be completed first at least 6 weeks before the actual tattooing procedure.